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#Episode01 [PDX, Origin] w/ @Desiraegun


#Episode02 [Hawthorne Renaissance] w/ Daniel M. Austin


#Episode03 [Sandy. Hooked] w/ Eric Alexander Moore


#Episode04 [Suenos De Gorditos En Division] w/ Grace Sadie Cejas


#Episode05 [Hob Nobbing on Morrison] w/ Ray McMillin


#Episode06 [King/Curious] w/ Alex Avery


#Episode07 [Good Neighbors : Dekum] w/ Rochelle Cote


#Episode08 [The New Deal, Halsey] w/ MYQ


#Episode09 [Stork to Cancer] w/ Matt Gubser

#Episode10 [Telegraph from Vaudeville] w/ John Gallagher

#SpecialEdition [Rose Tinted Quarter]


Fresh From the Psych Ward, Buffalo NY


i write for xmag, broke ass stuart &

*an article about black love
*a political article tangentially about pokemon go
*an article about sanders

*an article about liberation
*an article about the badu controversy 
*an article about black tech
*an article about Trumpmerica
*an essay on a friend who died
*a piece of quantum philosophy

the Chess Game(s)

the Pawn

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Gray Hound Station