ext. Galaxy SXDF-NB1006-2


Fade in on the pulsing lights of SXDF-NB1006-2

nestled in the Vast Abyss of Space & hanging amidst

the Flicker and Glow of Neighboring Galaxies in our

known universe.


Slow pan in and stop on SXDF-NB1006-2.  (Pause.)


Rapid pan to one side, across many galaxies. Settle

on the Milky Way. Pan in.


ext. the Milky Way


Zoom in on Earth, spinning through Space. Satellite

whirs into frame.


V.O.  (sounds of static)


Don’t forget to bring home

some peanut butter.


Zoom down onto North America




ext. North America.s Western Coast – FRIDAY


Pan down through the stratosphere.

(V.O) Jack


Well. How was your day ?


ext. Clouds – DAY


Pan down through Blue Sky to Telephone



ext. Neighborhood – DAY


Pan down Telephone Pole. Two Posters are

taped to the Pole. One shows a tiny adorable



a) missing kitten. have you seen Little Baby

Razor ? (555) 555-5555



b) municipal waste mgmt announcement

all waste removal will occur in the early

evening in district 16 this Sunday.

The sky turns Gray and it begins to Rain.

int. Linda & Jack.s House – FRIDAY – RAIN


Overhead through Window. We see the top

of Linda.s head and her legs. Linda sits on

the Couch with her back to the Window.


She holds an Empty Jar of Peanut Butter.

Beefcake the dog




I don.t know. Shut up. See you later.




I have call waiting.



Hello ?

int. the circuitry of Linda.s phone.


Electrons spin through Wires channeling

Waves via Satellite across Town and into

the cell Phone of Karen.


ext. City Street Corner – DAY – GRAY DRIZZLE

A gray mid-afternoon. Karen walks her dog Sirius
down the Sidewalk.


Hello – Linda ? Shit.

Karen steps in Shit. the Frenchman watches

from several feet away. the Frenchman carries

a Baguette and holds a closed Umbrella. the French

Man is smoking a Cigarette & dressed in a Dark Blue

Overcoat with a matching Hat. Karen hangs up her

Phone. the Frenchman.s accent is quite heavy.



the Frenchman


ext. Jason.s front porch – DAY – GRAY DRIZZLE

Jason is wearing an Apron, whisking a large

Batter-Filled Bowl. His Porch broadcasts patriotism

and americana.




Pierre, what are you doing here ?

Oh, hello Karen.


int. Jason.s Home – RAIN

The foyer of a modest and well proportioned

home. Karen and the Frenchman enter.


Come on in, Karen. And – Karen, this is Pierre.
(CLEARS THROAT) Our meeting isn.t til Saturday.
Why are you here ?

Karen tracks Shit onto the Carpet and through

Jason.s Home. Sirius the dog runs around.


Karen throws her Purse down on a Table and

walks deeper into Jason.s Home. Karen.s Keys

spill out of the Purse.


int. the Nursery of Baby Sirius – DISTANT RAIN

Decorated in tasteful Blues, Grays, and muted

Yellows with a Space Theme. 11-month old

Baby Sirius (STOPS CRYING).


Mama.s here, baby. Don.t you worry. Mama

will always care for you. Always take care of you. my little ruby. Baby, little baby, baby



int. Jason.s Fireplace – MUFFLED RAIN

the Frenchman holding a Drink and a Poker. Jason.s

arms are crossed.

the Frenchman

Survived the 1929 bombing. Zulu War – what is this ?

Collateral damage ? They would not let him teach.

And then . . . president of the african.s mineworking

union 1942. Everywhere – JB Marks. The strike in

‘46. Deaths, injuries, murders. It is impossible to

overstate the power & responsibility – in the birthing

of a diamond.


Jason notices the Streaks Karen has left across

his Carpet.




Karen, oh my god – what are you doing ? What is that?


Karen quickly grabs her Purse, her Dog Sirius, &

a Diaper Bag from the floor.




I have to go. It.s alphabet day at Happy Baby Care.

We have to get downtown, don.t we honey ? My little

smart baby. And I got to get to work or Mr. Worthington

will have my a-s-s. Come on Sirius, honey. Isn.t that right ?

My little man won.t get a late start like his father.

Mama.s little man won.t never let me down.


ext. Jason.s Neighborhood – DAY – A FAINT MISTING

Karen pulls out her Phone and calls



(V.0.) Linda





I did it again.


int. Jason.s Kitchen

Jason in Oven Mitts pulls a Steaming

Tin of Muffins from the Oven.


You have no right to be here. I told you

I would meet you – would you like some

muffins ?


ext. Karen.s Apartment – DAY – RAIN BEGINS TO CLEAR


Karen arrives with both Dog and

Baby Sirius. A Tenant exits as Karen

approaches. Karen leaves her Baby

on the Sidewalk, enters with Dog.

(Pause.) Karen exits without Dog.


int. Jason.s Home – FINAL DROPS OF RAIN


the Frenchman notices Karen.s Keys.


the Frenchman


Your wife left her keys upon this table. That –

was your wife – was it not, monsieur Jason ?




Um, she.s been telling everyone divorced.


the Frenchman


How must it feel for a man to know his mademoiselle

bon gentile chou chou belle fille, his cherie magnifique

repudiating him in disgust. How could he live, knowing

certainly too late he was never a man –




I didn.t see it that way.


the Frenchman


You have no feelings for her ?




Well, she doesn.t lock her doors.


the Frenchman


Then you will not mind; I am heading downtown –

and I will drop off on her these keyrings.


ext. Happy Baby Day Care – DAY – JUST BEGINNING TO RAIN


Karen drops Baby Sirius at Happy Baby Day

Care. Day Care Lady pulls Karen to the side

& points to a Closing Time Sign: 4.45pm


int. Jason.s Home – RAIN PICKING UP

Jason stands, looking in dismay at his ruined
Carpet. He sighs, shakes his head, and gets on
his knees to clean the Carpet with a Soapy Mop
Bucket and a Giant Sponge.

ext. Jack & Linda.s House – HEAVY RAIN

A Sign on the Lawn reads Securities, Inc.

Information Technologies.


int. Linda & Jack.s House – SHEETS OF RAIN

Linda pulls on a pair of Pants, throws the
Empty Jar of Peanut Butter in the Trash Bin,
& opens the Door for Beefcake the Dog –
who runs off licking Smears of Peanut

Butter from his lips, whiskers, and teeth.

Beefcake the Dog


Linda lifts her Panties from a pile

on the floor and carries them to

the Hamper. Linda tousles her hair.




Hello, Linda. Simply ravishing, darling. Now,

it is time to be a professional.


ext. Jack & Linda.s Lawn – DAY – BUCKETS OF RAIN

A superbly manicured Lawn – Croquet and
other Lawn Sports, a Fountain, freshly clipped
Hedges. Beefcake the Dog runs into frame.

Beefcake the Dog


Beefcake the Dog is holding a Bloody, (MEOWING)

Little Baby Razor. Beefcake the Dog runs out of

frame, still carrying Little Baby Razor. The Lawn

is still and peaceful. We hear but do not see (A


CLOSING, ETC.) Jack proceeds up the Walkway,

carrying Two Paper Grocery Bags, brimming with

Suburban Food Items.




Honey! Oh my goodness, come quick!


(Close Up. Two Paper Grocery Bags fall

to the Sidewalk. Peanut Butter rolls down

the walkway. Milk Spills and Puddles.)




Razor. Razor, sweetie – Beefcake, get inside. Bad

Dog. Come here, Bad Dog.  You Mother Fucker;

Listen to me – I should – God Damn It. You Bad

Bad Bad Bad Bad. Get out of here. Go in the house.


ext. Generic Office Building Parking Lot – AFTERNOON – STEADY RAIN

Karen arrives at a Generic Office Building,
preens, and grooms herself in a Sideview
Mirror. Karen catches her own Reflection
in a Car Window and checks her self out.
Karen enters the Generic Office Building.

int. Linda.s Therapy Offices

Linda sits with a Random Client in
a classy, well Furnished private room.

Random Client

And I can feel where it all went wrong, but I just,

you know when you cannot; you just can NOT and

I mean CAN’T Do It ? Just couldn.t do it. Not to say

I didn.t try, with Timmy I always tried and I guess

since I lost –

the Frenchman enters, carrying a Briefcase,

the Baguette & Umbrella.


the Frenchman

Pardonez-mois, madame, bien sur . . . This I brought

pour toi – for you.


the Frenchman hands Linda the Baguette and

crosses to a Table; he sets down, and then opens,

the Briefcase.




Pardon me, sir –


Cut to Random Client still aghast. Cut Back

to the Frenchman closing the Briefcase.


the Frenchman


Perhaps you wonder what was in my box.

Pity for a camera man who missed his angle.


Would you come talk to me privately ?

Random Client

This is just the way my father-


It’ll just be a minute.

int. Cramped Tiny Bathroom


Linda and the Frenchman crammed

tightly between the walls, Toilet, and

Sink. the Frenchman lights a Cigarette,

smokes, sets off the Ancient Fire Alarm,

opens his Umbrella as Water cascades

over everything.




Who are you ?


the Frenchman


I am one of the friend of your husbands.


What are you doing with me ?

the Frenchman

I am with you doing nothing.


cramped tiny Bathroom Door opens.
Random Client tugs Linda’s sleeve.

Random Client

I have twelve minutes to my swimming lesson.

int. Karen.s Apartment – MELLOW RAIN

Sirius the Dog runs around and chews

on Stuff.

(V.O.) the Frenchman


This is the dog Sirius.


int. Happy Baby Day Care – LIGHT RAIN

Baby Sirius bounces in a Baby Walker.

(V.O.) the Frenchman

This would be our star, Baby Sirius.

ext. the Dogstar – Sirius

Close Up on Sirius: the brightest Star in our Sky.

(V.O.) the Frenchman

Exterior. Close Up. The Dog Star. Sirius. Seem

to be the brightest star in our sky. Vraiment,

c’est un binary star system. Not so serious

to me, I think. Close up on a fucking star, eh,

more twice as big than our hot sun ? Is very

far away. To me, I think – is a joke.


int. Happy Baby Day Care – GENTLE RAIN

Baby Sirius laying out Alphabet Blocks.
The 1st 25 are in place & Sirius is ready

to set “Z” down at the end of his Line. Another

Child begins removing Blocks from his Alphabet.

(V.O.) the Frenchman

They named a baby after the dog – like Indian

Jones ?


int. Mr. Worthington.s Office – PURPLE RAIN

Karen gives a shoulder rub to Mr. Worthington.


And I hope it feels all better. You just let me know.
Well, alright Mr. Worthington I better get going.

int. Karen.s Desk – RAIN, MAN

Karen looks through her Purse, finds Cell Phone,
calls Linda.



Karen rifles through her Purse again and finds
a prescription Pill Bottle.

(V.O.) Linda

Karen, it.s not a good time.

Karen opens her Pill Bottle.

(V.O.) Linda

I have to go to the vet now, Karen. I – I
don.t even remember how to get there.
I always fuck it up, I always fuck it up.
Turn on Edgewood, Left on Brook Ridge

Right on Woodbridge. Stop at Oak’s End.

What am I doing here ? Karen, I don’t

know if I can face him.


Karen swallows a Few Pills.




I love you.


int. Jason.s Home

Jason crouches on the floor in one corner

of his house; Suds foaming off his Sponge,

still cleaning the Carpet. Jason notices the

roof is Leaking. He breathes deep and goes

to get a Bucket.

ext. Generic Office Building Parking Lot – EVENING – CLEAR SKY

Karen looks up Oak’s End Veterinarians

in her Phone – then searches frantically

through her Purse & walks to a Bus Stop.


int. Linda.s Therapy Office

Linda hangs up the Phone and hangs her head
over her Desk. (MEOWING) Linda opens a Desk

Drawer. Out comes New Kitten. Linda stares

at New Kitten and lifts her up.


int. A City Bus

Karen looks through her Phone while sitting

bored on a City Bus.


int. Linda.s Therapy Office

Linda raids the office Fridge, pours Milk in a Plastic

Bowl, overturns a Cardboard Box, steals Dirt from

a Plant & fills the Cardboard Box; she lifts, nuzzles,

and kisses her New Kitten.


int. Jason.s Home

Jason puts away his Cleaning Supplies, washes

his hands and takes a breath. Jason.s Phone (RINGS).

Jason eats a Muffin and answers the Phone.


ext. Oak’s End Vetrinarians – EVENING

Karen arrives on a City Bus and stands on the Sidewalk
outside of Oak’s End Vet as Evening becomes Night.

ext. Happy Baby Day Care – EVENING

A Closed Sign is up on the front Door. (VACUUMING)

Jason (KNOCKS) on the Door and gestures. (Baby Sirius



ext. Oak’s End Vet – NIGHT

Karen stands still on the Sidewalk. Linda.s Car races up

curbside and slams on the brakes. (Pause.) Linda dashes

inside, carrying the Baguette. (Pause.) Karen slowly

walks away.


int. another City Bus

Karen looks at her Phone on the Bus.

int. Jason.s Car – Night

Jason drives while he gives Baby Sirius a pep talk.


Let me tell you a story, son. Tomorrow.s a big day for your Dad.
First we got to get the diamonds. You hear me? We got to protect

our family jewels. Matter fact – hold on just a minute, son . . .

Jason dials his Phone.

(V.O.) Jack

Hello ?


Jack, man, are you there ?


(V.O) Jack

J – hey, what.s up ?


The Frenchman came early –


Pierre ?


The French guy with that beret looking hat

and his long bread.








Hey – could I ask you a question ?




Sure, man, sure – what.s up ?




How did you do all that research ? On the, uh . . .




Look, did you do the deal ?




Well I mean, no. Something wasn.t right.

I had to move the jewels.




Where.d you – Jason, where did you move them ?




I don.t know yet. Gotta go. (HANGS UP.) Okay, baby

boy – it.s up to you and me, now.


int. Jack.s Lair

Jack sets down his iPhone. The Lair is plastered
with Documents from the Mysterious Briefcase.
There.s a Desktop Computer, a Laptop, and various
pieces of Hardware and Wiring, a File Cabinet,
Simple Weapons and Tools, Granite, etc.

int. Jason.s Home – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago

Jack closes and relocks Jason.s Safe, zips his Bag
and stands. Jack pulls out his iPhone and calls Jason.
Jack waits for Jason to pick up.

(v.o.) Jason

mm yes Hello


hey look, this is – uh


I know. I saved your number.


Hm. Well alright – look, I want to tell you I think
making a mistake, not going with our full family
package. Buddy, I tell ya – without cameras, red alert
sensors, monitors and bugs, or some kind of alarm
system with a chain of command: god forbid, your
loved ones could be the target of some random
criminal act. Their safety, not to mention their lives –



I.m sorry sir – you know, stepped over my boundaries.

ext. Jason.s Home – SUNNY DAY

Jack exits Jason.s Home, closes and locks the Door
and walks swiftly down the Sidewalk, moving casually
while glancing left and right.

ext. Jack and Linda.s house – DAY

Jack walks up the street to Linda & Jack.s house.

int. Jack and Linda.s house

Jack enters as Baby Razor and Beefcake play
on the Carpet.



Beefcake be good. Cmere Baby Razor, come here.

Jack (pauses), listening – then opens his Bag

and removes the Long Lost Large Diamond.


Razor – look. Our first diamond.


And a big one at that – lookit that sucker

(enter Linda)


Jack Jesus Lord what in the fuck is that ?



Jack. On monday I.m at my office and I happen
to hear a nice young – I – John Fitzgerald Patrick
what are – Jack please tell me. Tell me how – what
in the hell.s going on ?


Come here beefcake, cmere boy. Alright, Jack tell us
something. what.s happening ?


darlin if that.s that poor boy.s diamond, we have got
to give it back.

(KNOCK) on the Door.


Jack starts toward the Door. The Cordless

Phone (RINGS)


Get the phone.

Jack crosses and opens the front Door. Linda goes

for the Cordless Phone. A Mysterious Briefcase sits

on his Welcome Mat. Jack gazes carefully around,

then kneels and opens the Mysterious Briefcase,

which is stuffed full of Documents, old Drawings,

and color Photos, news Articles – all about Jason,

his family, and the Long Lost Large Diamond. Jack

pulls a Card from the Mysterious Briefcase and

closes it quickly. Linda returns to the front Door

with Cordless Phone in hand.


Jack – who is the one eyed mercenary ?

Jack examines the Card – double sided with Black

Ink on Gold – two words: one on either face of the Card.

Someone Knows

ext. the Storage Facility – NIGHT

Jason.s Car pulls in. Jason keys in his Code

and enters.


ext. Karen.s Apartment – NIGHT

Karen steps off the City Bus, approaches the door,

and stops. Karen screams and collapses on the ground

in a fit of anger. Karen pauses to remove a Small Key

from her brassiere, then rises and opens her Mailbox.


int. Karen.s Mailbox

Karen finds her Keys, wrapped in a Note and a Few

Chocolates – all safely tucked away in her Mailbox.


The Note reads: my dear madamoiselle Karen, please

meet avec moi ce soir pour les aperitifs a la petite cafe

dans la rue.


ext. Karen’s Apartment – NIGHT

Karen opens up a Chocolate & eats it; sprints to her Car,

hops inside, and speeds off.


int. Jason.s Storage

Jason flicks on a Light Switch, then closes & Locks

the Door; peers around nervously, digs through

the Boxes of Crap, and pulls out a Soft Bag and

holds it up for Sirius to see.


ext. La Petite Cafe Dans La Rue

Karen brakes hard and leaps from her Car, leaving
her Keys in the ignition and the Door Ajar. Karen
walks slowly and casually, yet deliberately in to the

(V.O.) the Frenchman

Ce n’est pas une pipe. The door is a jar. Merci – fumer,



int. La Petite Cafe Dans La Rue

the Frenchman awaits Karen. Karen sits.

the Frenchman

I should say we are alone. Bienvenue, mes amies.
Tu es tres, tres jolie. Pardonez-moi, pour vous etes

magnifique. Beaucoup de bises. Ecouter, ma petite

cherie. Ma chou de vivre. Ma belle riposte a chaud

cafe au lait.




What does it all mean ?



the Frenchman


You are to me a cabbage. In my land, it is much kind

of sense, you can understand ?




Why did you want to meet me ?


the Frenchman


I fear you may be in grave danger.




Really ?

the Frenchman

In particular, non. Just an example: I kid.
Very sorry, this is no good joke. Is for your


Is my baby in danger ?

the Frenchman

Non, non – No. He is fine.


Then –

the Frenchman

It is for your family. Please do not gasp

again. I am wanting to make films. This

maybe is hard to explain, but I am – you

know, nevermind. You want for your

family, what is the best. As do I. You are

beautiful woman, Karen. Do you know

your son is owed a millions of dollar

inheritance ? Where do you know your

son is, madamoiselle Karen ?




the Frenchman


Ah yes, cette homme – your husband cares

for your family, madame. But he does not

know what it is he keeps. And he will lost it

all, for all three of you. Believe me – for I

have read the playbook-




Waiter. (SNAPS) Wine. Please.


the Frenchman


-You must do this for your son: tell Jason you

know about his inheritance. Say, trust me – my

husband; for your family and his future, for

your child – you must help him sell the jewels

. . . and then bring them – or him – to this man.


the Frenchman hands Karen a Card,

which reads: One Eyed Mercenary

Lonesome Gulch, 999 North Pleasant



the Frenchman


For as I said, you are a beautiful woman.

A boy needs a father – and a man without

any house can not be a man. . . Call him

this weekend. On – Saturday – and let him

know of your aching for his love. Miss him,

and I will see you again.


the Frenchman rises and exits. We see

the name of the Cafe (La Petite Cafe dans

la Rue) A Waiter brings Karen her Wine.

Karen texts some one on her Phone.




A Waiter


Ahem. 9.50.


ext. the Palatial Grounds of a Mansion – Saturday – DAY

the Frenchman sits and talks with Jason
on a large and opulent Patio, surrounded
by verdant Gardens and a Lush View.

the Frenchman

For me, I believe in some more of consequence

than coincidence. Where ever we cross, there

becomes collateral – never can you escape.


the Frenchman

Do you know what it is I mean ?


Look, Pierre – Pierre, calm down. Look, listen
man – calm and chill it out; like quiet it down,
dude, I.m bein serious. You got to chill out,
now, freaking me out, like, a little.

the Frenchman

Simple – ecouter. You have with you an

inheritance of bad luck. Say; good riddance,

I shall take this off your hand.




How do you know Jack, anyhow ?


the Frenchman


Yes, I meet Jacque some good many years away.




Say, tell you what – how much would you give me

for ‘em; I mean all of it – the –


the Frenchman whips out a Pen, scribbles

a number on Something and shoves it across.




Sixty thousand dollars !?


the Frenchman shrugs, apologetically.


  the Frenchman


Inflation, recession, the market, bubble burst, you know.

Picking up pieces out from rubble. In this case, you are busy,

my apologies . . . you will have only the most potent decisions

upon your horizon.


Jason.s Phone rings and he answers.




Karen ?


V.O. Karen


Would you quit sounding like a bitch and put my husband

on the phone ? I want you back. Now. Stop fucking lying to me.


(Their conversation fades down.)


the Frenchman


May I ?


the Frenchman walks off, hops a Fence and leaves the Grounds.

We follow him as he walks briskly down the Street.


(V.O.) the Frenchman


I am wanting always to make more of films.


the Frenchman hits an Alley, turns a Corner, and books it.


ext. Palatial Grounds of a Mansion – Saturday – DAY

A Well Dressed Man approaches Jason,

who is still on the Phone with Karen.

A Well Dressed Man

Sir, this is private property. May I help you ?

(V.O.) the Frenchman

I do not want to make up the cinemas francaise no more.

(V.O. Karen cooing and bitching in the background.)

A Well Dressed Man

Excuse me, sir, would you come with me ?

(V.O.) Karen

You wouldn.t hold out on me, would you ? Jason,

I swear to God


Pierre ? Give me just a moment. I.m a bit lost – I.m

looking for . . .

(V.O.) Karen

Are you fucking listening to me ?

A Well Dressed Man

What are you doing here ? Sir, you need to answer

some questions.


Could you please repeat that ? I.m sorry, I was just meeting
with – would you excuse me for a second  ? I think my friend
must have gone inside.

A Well Dressed Man

Come with me.

A Well Dressed Man leads Jason down a Path.

(V.O.) Karen not even paying attention.




Where is Sirius, is he with you.

A Well Dressed Man

Sir, you need to focus and answer my question.
Where is your friend ? Who was that man with you ?
What are you doing on this property ? Or should I
call the authorities ? tresspassing right now.

Would you like me to call up my boss – and ask him

what to do with you ?


(V.O.) Karen

Do you love me ?  You never loved me


No – hold on. My friend, Pierre was just here.

(V.O.) Karen

Who are you talking to ?

A Well Dressed Man

What friend, I don.t see anyone.


He must be. He went towards the house . . .

A Well Dressed Man

This is the ambassador.s house. telling me
your friend brought you here ?


I think – I guess . . . he must, maybe he knows Pierre

A Well Dressed Man

Your story.s not making sense. Where.s your friend then,
if you have a friend ? Is this yours ?

(V.O.) Karen

Fuck you Jason.


A Well Dressed Man gestures behind Jason.

A Well Dressed Man

There.s been a lot of break in.s recently, but daytime – getting pretty bold. . . . I guess I better call it in.


Who are you ? What have you done with the french guy ?
Are you – is this about the – ? I have to go . . .

A Well Dressed Man

Sir, I need you to –


I – I gotta run.

Jason takes off in some direction, sprinting. A

Well Dressed Man does not follow.

A Well Dressed Man


Pan Out on the Grounds. The Mansion is being emptied

out by Men in Painting Masks & Coveralls, packing

everything into a Large Unmarked Truck.


ext. Karen.s Apartment – SATURDAY – EVENING

Jason pulls up in his Car, double parks & calls Karen.
Agitated hand gestures. (Pause.) Karen comes out

onto the Sidewalk. Jason talks through his Car Window.

Karen starts to go back inside. Jason exits his Car and
stops her from leaving. They argue on the Sidewalk.
Karen.s Car is parked badly, taking up Multiple Spots.


Would you just move your car and let me in?


I have nothing to say to you.


I just want to see my son.


It.s not your day


It actually is my day


Well he doesn.t want to see you.


I want to show you something.


I.m busy.


Can I just show you something ?


Sirius & I


Would you please move your car? Karen ?

Karen gets in her Car and moves it up. Jason
re-enters his Car and tries to park. Jason asks
Karen to move up a little more. Karen pulls
Jason out of his Car and re-parks his Car, then
pulls her Car back into its space. They both
walk into the Building.

int. Karen.s Apartment

Karen leads Jason in. Baby Sirius sits in his High Chair
with Food Smeared all over his face. The Dog Sirius sleeps
in a corner. Karen gestures and Jason sits somewhere.



Baby Karen.


Jason, what do you want ?


Baby, baby Karen.




Could I excuse my self, just for – uh, just one moment.


Oh My God.

Jason gets up and goes to the Bathroom. He is
not quite sure where it is.

int. Karen.s Bathroom

Jason closes the Door and takes a moment
to breathe, slowly. Jason calms himself &
looks in the Mirror; he cleans up as well
as he can, washes his face, straightens up
his clothes and hair, etc. Jason takes one
last look in the Mirror & turns toward the
Door; he pauses to exhale, check one of his
pockets, and then pull out the Soft Bag of
Diamonds. Jason touches the Diamonds

gingerly, maybe kisses them, and carefully

puts them back in his pocket. Then, Jason

takes one more breath and –

Karen (Outside the Door)

Jason – Jesus, what in the god damn fuck
are you doing here ?

Baby Sirius (CRIES).

Karen (still outside)

Damn it Jason, upsetting my son.

Jason opens the Bathroom Door.


You know – it.s a good thing not in charge;
because, if you were, there would be pigs flying
all over the place.


You know I still love you ?



And I want to tell you a story. May I ?


Alright – Karen, I love you. done a lot of things
for the love of you. Not all of them – I can clearly tell –
were …. were …. purely heroic –


What the hell are you talking about ? You sound
like a fucking soap opera.


Karen, look – can you remember that time – months

ago . . . when I started acting kind of crazy.


I think I can remember. It was around when I
left your limp dick.

Jason steps up and grabs Karen around
the waist. Jason pulls her close and kisses
her deeply until Karen collapses backwards
in his arms. Jason releases Karen for a moment
and catches her just before she falls to the floor.

He begins to make love to her.


What about your son ?

int. Karen.s Apartment

Karen rises from the floor wearing a Partial
Outfit and lifts Baby Sirius from the High Chair,
cleans him up, and lays him in his Crib. Karen
goes to a Bar, pours two Drinks, and brings
one to Jason, reclining under Lamplight.




Wine ?




Why not ?


They sit for a moment. Karen goes for a Pack

of Cigarettes, but it.s empty.


Look, that was probably just a freebie. I had it coming.



They sit and listen to the sound of quiet.


Check this out.

Jason pulls out the Soft Bag and pours
the Diamonds into his hand.


There.s a great story behind these, but I.m beginning
to think I don.t know –


How much –


– the half of –


How mu-


-it, huh, I.m sorry ?


How, I said – um. Are they, what – where.d you –
tell me the story.


I really oughta . . . confess… Kare Bare, listen – we don.t
have to always be so serious, right ? Little tomato
face and the pillowman –


The tomato head.




The Tomato Head


and the – and Pillow face.


Sweet little pillow face




Pillow head pillow face & the tomato one in

the quilt on mom mom.s guest bed. For two

days – we had her old house to our self and

she went out camping with a bunch of church

ladies –




Oh, I thought she was dead.




-in autumn, for two days – it was like a ritual.




We had her old house to our self in autumn

for two days –


Jason goes to put the Diamonds down, then

thinks better of it.




The anniversary of when Grandpa went. They were

going to bury him with that quilt, but I just remember –

I can remember Dad napping in it, before he left. And

I wanted to keep it – I wanted to keep it, so we kept it

and they buried my grandfather. Where they buried

my father. all buried there – all the men in my

family. The men only. None of them stayed with their

wives . . . or the wives left when they wouldn.t get

buried together? It doesn.t make any sense, Karen –


Karen moves to Jason and strokes his hand;

fondly, cautiously.




I don.t want to be buried there. And I don.t want to –






But they kept the quilt, we kept that quilt and it was

there, that weekend . . . on our bedspread with that

brass everywhere & the rattling springs, just getting

lost in that bed. And the man had a pillow for a face –

or a man with a pillowcase on his head, maybe ?




You were the pillow face. But you called me a tomato.


(V.O.) the Frenchman


A bit maudlin, yes; but, what is love ? La coeur voudrait

qu’est ce que voudrait.




I didn.t really get it, but you hugged me and gave me

the bell laugh. My shoulders were sore, you hugged

me so hard. You were all rose blossoms & hickory

from the firewood – and you hugged me tighter when

I talked to the little happy tomato guy. Pretended

I was pillow face. It was only two years ago & with

every thing it.s been ages.


They drink.


I haven.t been with any one.

Karen.s Phone (BEEPS) again. Jason is idly
turning the Diamonds over in his hand. Karen
walks over to her Phone.


You had a confession.


Sure, sure. . . it wasn.t signed . . .



Remember that investment with my friend,

Jack ?


Mm hm.


Well . . . you never knew what it was about… and
when you left me; I realized I should have told
you . . . It.s what I used to keep in the safe. Until,
Jack told me they might be safer in storage.
Which I thought was silly, because, you know –
it.s a safe. But, I – I.m sorry. I.m starting kind of
in the middle.

Karen shakes her head vaguely.


You left me before our baby had names for us.
I know, because – while you were packing; I was
standing in the kitchen with Sirius, asking if he
would say my name. And I would have taken
any thing but he wasn.t talking.




But I understand.

Karen gets up, goes to a Cupboard, & pulls

out a Paper Bag, uncrumples it, & reveals

A Paper Towel Wad.


With these, baby…

Karen opens the Paper Towel Wad to
expose one sparkling Little Diamond.


It was me.


Where did you-you knew ?

Karen nods. (Pause.) She offers Jason the Little

Diamond. Jason hands Karen the Soft Bag & pours

the Little Diamonds and the Long Lost Large Diamond

through Karen.s hands and into the Soft Bag.


Did you tell anyone ?

Karen shakes her head. Karen.s Phone

(BEEPS) and Lights Up with a Text Message.

Karen leaves the Soft Bag on the Table and

goes to her Phone.


You knew the whole time ?

ext. Sidewalk – CLEAR DAY – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago

Karen discreetly follows Jason. Karen wears
an Elaborate Disguise, clothing wrapped and
piled as to conceal her entirely.

Cut Back.

int. Karen.s Apartment

Karen touches Jason.


After I found out. I knew.


Okay. What did you put on a disguise-


-That day…


-the day I-


…same day a bird shit on you.

ext. Busy City Street – SUNNY DAY – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago

Jason is walking briskly and stops
as a Bird Shits on his hand.

int. Karen.s Apartment

Jason reaches for Karen.


The day I caught the bird shit – when
I went to see the fat guy in the yellow

shirt at that pawn shop on seventh.


ext. That Pawn Shop on 7th – SUNNY DAY – FLASHBACK 9 months ago

A Fat Guy sits on a Lawn Chair outside

& motions for Jason to come inside.

Jason gestures about washing his hand.

A Fat Guy shakes his head & tries to

force Jason inside.


int. Karen.s Apartment

Karen and Jason shyly Smile at each other.


He was a great fat guy


But he got weird and tried to lock me in –
you were there? He almost locked the door

on me. I couldn.t get anything.


I followed you. Some days I followed to see

where you worked. But you didn.t work any

where. And then. . .


You followed me to the pawn shop and – I knew

I shouldn.t have told Sirius the combination.



We don.t have to live at anybody else.s pace.

You and I could . . . would you believe-




-Look, honey-


-remember the little-




-Don.t push it. Okay, babe.




What are you going to do

with those diamonds ?

Cause I know a guy.


ext. Karen.s Apartment – NIGHT

the Frenchman is smoking a Cigarette

in the Street, watching through a Window.

Rain falls.


int. Grocery Store Aisle


Linda is shopping in the Frozen Aisle. New Kitten

pokes out from Linda.s Purse. Linda calls Jack.




Are you there? You know I.ll be home in a minute.

Well, where are you going . . . I was going to make

us some dinner – it.s – you haven.t been home.

It.s fine; are you coming- I just thought . . .

I.m not. I.m not making a- okay, then. Alright fine.


ext. The Scraggly Woods – NIGHT – DRIZZLE

Jack is smoking a Cigar, talking on his iPhone

and burying Beefcake the Dog. Beefcake is

buried up to his Snout. Jack adds Dirt to

the Mound, finally obscuring Beefcake.




Oh. And the kitten died.


Jack ends the call and throws down his

Shovel. Jack uses his iPhone to look into

his empty House through a Spycam.


int. Jack & Linda.s House – Spycam – SATURDAY NIGHT

Jack and Linda.s House is empty. The Spycam

is in a Cat Clock. It is 7:59pm.


ext. lamplit streetcorner – NIGHT – RAIN

A Tinted Sedan. Linda exits one Leg at a time,

wearing a suggestive Minimalist Ensemble.



Linda texts Karen.


1 want U 2nit lets leave


Linda exits A Tinted Sedan, carrying her Purse.




Linda puts her Phone away and walks up to Bike

Cop in A Little Alley. New Kitten pokes its head

out of Linda.s Purse.


ext. A Little Alley – NIGHT – RAIN

Linda speaks quietly in Bike Cop.s ear. Linda walks

off slow and sexy.


ext Linda.s Corner – NIGHT – RAIN

Linda stands on a Streetcorner – at first shyly; then,
more provocatively.

ext Linda.s Corner – NIGHT – RAIN

Older Gentleman stops to speak closely with Linda.


Linda leads Older Gentleman toward Seedy Motel.

int. Motel Room #69

Linda shuts the Door of Motel Room. Older Gentleman
is delighted and pulls out a Lot of Money, throws it
on the Bed. Bike Cop busts through the Door and comes
flying at Linda. Older Gentleman runs out the Door.



Older Gentleman flags down Driver of Tinted Sedan

and begs, pulling out Credit & Debit Cards.

Older Gentleman

Just drive me to an atm.

int. motel room # 69

Linda takes a Pile of Money from the Bed and leaves
the rest of the Cash. Linda kisses Bike Cop goodbye,

crosses to Door; opens Door and walks out of Motel

Room #69.


ext. Seedy Motel – NIGHT – RAIN TAPERS OFF

Linda opens Door of Motel Room #69 and exits. Linda

closes the Door and walks toward the Parking Lot. A Tinted

Sedan pulls up in front of Seedy Motel.


int. tinted sedan

Linda climbs in a Tinted Sedan. Driver nods.

ext. Seedy Motel – MILD RAIN

A Tinted Sedan drives off. The Rain stops.

int. tinted sedan

Dashboard Clock reads – 10.01pm Driver

hands Linda a Wad of Cash.


ext. Linda.s therapy office – CLEAR NIGHT

Blinds drawn, Lamp lit from within.




int. LINDA.S therapy office

Jack combs through Linda.s files in the semi darkened
room and listens to her client session-Tapes. Jack fast

forwards, plays, Notates, pauses, thinks, and plays again.

(v.o.) tape recorder

needless to say i was traumatized – i never use the atm
anymore. i keep most of my money in my parent.s old house
on folsom gulch. if i were to get robbed – i shudder to think.
it used to be we had those what do you call fancy alarms, but

with the recession – and on my pension, geez louise.

Jack hears (NOISE FROM OUTSIDE) and stops the Tape.



Jack looks around, flicks off the Dim Light.



Jack re-arranges Linda.s things how he found them,

places the Tape back in its File, gathers his Bag and moves

to the Door. Jack exits.


ext. Linda.s therapy offices – NIGHT

Jack walks away as the Frenchman steps out

from Shadow.

the Frenchman

Monsieur Jacque


Who are you – I don.t know you-

the Frenchman

Yes, you are expecting to meet with a man

named Pierre ? Are you not ?


Oh well — are you Pierre?

the Frenchman

It is obvious, you do not know this man.


I –

the Frenchman

And he have not met you. Les deux, vous deux

of you have never even seen each another.


the Frenchman

I think so, because I do not recognize you. And you –

do not recognizes me also —


Look, cut the crap.

the Frenchman

I am prepared to pay one hundred thousand dollars
for this diamond – do you have her ?


I – (pause) I don.t have it on me … Where have you been ? been trying to contact you for –

the Frenchman

Ah – then you know where she is – Esmerelda… la Kingdom

Diamond… the Lady of Mapungubwe… or some like to call…

l’Enfant terrible nombre Quatre…


I – uh –

the Frenchman

…Jewel of ye old Fort…


-I know the guy – the uh, one who has it –
he . . . wants to sell it to me — do you . . .
do you need to examine it first or — ?

the Frenchman

These documents you sent upon a fax to me were,

you say, vraiment conclusivity. Mais oui. Your little

man produced no diamond – please do not fail me

also. I will be forced to call upon –




-no –


the Frenchman


-our unseemly mutual acquaintance…


-no – unnecessary; I.ll see if I can arrange –

the Frenchman

…my associates will be leaving tomorrow night.  You have

not the world only gem. Maintenant, merci – Nous ne sont

pas des… the… the – hagglers  . . . I await your contact.


Just don.t … Scare him off, trying to buy him off on the spot.


He deals only with me.

the Frenchman departs into Shadow. Jack pulls out

his iPhone and checks his Spycam.


int. Jack & Linda.s House – SATURDAY NIGHT – RAINSTORM

The Spycam in the Cat Clock. It is 11:59pm.

ext. Linda & Jack.s House

The Tinted Sedan pulls up in front of Linda & Jack.s House.
The Driver.s Door opens; he walks around and opens the Car

Door for Linda. Linda steps out wearing Suit Pants & a Business

Casual Jacket, carrying a Purse. New Kitten sticks its head out of

the Purse. Linda walks up to the front Door and lets herself in.


int. Karen.s Hallway

A Gloved Hand places a Thick Manila Envelope
outside the Door of Karen.s Apartment.

int. Karen.s Apartment – SUNDAY MORNING

The Soft Bag of Diamonds is no longer

on the Table. Baby Sirius begins to cry.

The Dog Sirius eats from a Garbage Can.

Jason prepares Breakfast at the Stove,

wearing Karen.s Apron.



Hang on, baby. Poppa.s here. Say

Poppa. Poppa.s over here with you.

We got a plan, man, not a van damme

action plan. But we got a plan, man;

I gotcha plan right here.


Kare Bare – do you want some eggs or something ?

Karen opens the front Door and enters.




Karen ?




Why do you have a package on the doorstep.




Hey, darlin… didn.t know you were out…




You know it.s really not safe to hold on to

these diamonds. We should move them.


Jason pauses, then continues cooking.




That.s what the french man was saying.




What.s the deal with that guy ?




Pierre ? He wants to pay – a – good amount

of money for ’em.




What kind of money ?




Thing is – I.m just not sure I can trust him. I might

have to ask Jack –




You know, I better go talk to my guy.


Karen lifts Baby Sirius, her Purse, and the Diaper

Bag. Jason looks with panic at the Diaper Bag.




I.ll, uh, I.ll go with you.

Jason throws down his Utensils, takes off his Apron
& shuts off the Stove. They exit the Apartment.

int. Karen.s Hallway

Jason lifts the Manila Envelope from the floor. It reads
JASON in thick black Sharpie. Jason considers the Manila

ext. Karen.s Apartment – Sunday – MORNING

Jason, Karen, and Baby Sirius get in Karen.s Car.
Jason straps Baby Sirius into his Car Seat. Karen
holds her Purse and locks the Diaper Bag in her
Trunk. Jason carries the Manila Envelope.

int. Karen.s Car – SUNDAY MORNING

Karen starts the Car and pulls out of her Parking Spot,
lightly bumping Jason.s Car on her way out. (Awkward


Lil kiss, lil love tap.


You better move your car tonight, it.s street cleaning.


You know, –

Karen.s Phone (RINGS). Karen puts in her Bluetooth

& answers.


int. Linda & Jack.s House

Linda holds New Kitten & talks on a Cordless

Phone. We look out a Window and up a long Hill,

lined with Houses and Telephone Poles.


Hey, I finally reached you.

ext. Up the Hill – SUNDAY MORNING

We look from a distance down the Hill, upon Jack & Linda.s
House. Jack staples Missing Dog Signs to Telephone Poles,
surveying the Neighborhood.

(V.O.) Linda

I just – really been wanting to connect & talk with you.

int. Linda & Jack.s House

Linda wanders through the House in her underwear.


Did you get my messages ? You know been thinking about
us . . .

int. Karen.s Car – Sunny Sunday

Jason tries to turn around and engage with Baby Sirius.


Yeah of course.

Karen glances at Jason.


No – it.s fine. just been really busy; you know – with our
projects … work stuff.

Jason turns back around to regard Karen.


I would love that – yes. Yes, friggin exactly. Anywhere – not even –
well, obviously; but I.m saying, like exclusively … it doesn.t need
to be only beaches . . . I like bargain shopping anyway. . . Linda!


Have you really done that ?

int. Karen.s therapy office – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago

Linda and Karen sit and talk. Linda reclines on her Couch;
one Shoe half-on, with her Hair Down  & her head back.
Karen sits adjacent in a Large Chair, listening intently.


I just want to remind you, Karen;
I know I said it before – that I am
recording our conversation.


That.s fine.




You know, I love listening to you talk.


My Jack used to say things to me, like that.


You know how people change ? Jason – my … well,

my husband: he used to … pardon my french – he

used to be a man who put it in where he wanted to

– – – I don.t mean to be vulgar, but let.s face it Linda;

I need to be fucked. Have you ever felt that way ?





I think I know what you mean




Have you ever done anything exciting ?




Karen, I feel I must tell you-




What is it, Linda ?




Karen –








Yes, Linda.




Karen, I don.t think I.m quite certain whether I know

how to remain- to become your therapist and treat

you properly.




Don.t you want to go on vacation ?




Karen, do you understand this isn.t therapy and

I can.t – I will not; I.m not your thera-


Karen pulls a Little Diamond from some hidden place.




I found this diamond. It was in my husband.s safe.

He had lots more; I don.t think he.ll miss it.


Linda turns off her Tape Recorder.




I know the combination because he talks and talks

and he never goes to work – he.s too busy talking.




Technically if married all property is shared.






From a legal standpoint.






I.m not a lawyer.




Linda, I like you.





I like you too, Karen.


int. Karen.s Car – SUNNY SUNDAY

Jason sighs & opens the Manila Envelope, angling
away from Karen.s view. The Manila Envelope contains
Full Color Photographs of Karen & the Frenchman
at La Petite Cafe Dans la Rue.

ext. Soccer Field – FLASHBACK – Day – RAIN – 9 months ago

Jack and Jason sit on Bleachers and watch
a Soccer Team run laps in Cleats, Shinguards, &
Uniforms on a Muddy Field. Jack wears
a Brown Overcoat.


One more lap, one more lap

Jack gives Jason a slow and guarded look.






It just isn.t fair. First they take one of my little ones.

Then they come back and steal the biggest of all – and

all, of ’em. All the rest of ‘em. My kid.s college fund. Every

thing. (sigh) I.ll have to go get a job now.



There is somewhat of a standard procedure for this.

I.m not your fucking mental health specialist.


Jack grimaces.




Jason tries to hand Jack a Stack of Cash.




Jesus, man. Put it in an envelope – haven.t you ever

seen a damn movie ?

Jack gets up to walk away; turns &
regards Jason with peripheral vision.


Any decent noir-


Jack pulls out his iPhone and mimes

receiving a call. Jack scans the area
mid-range, up close, and perimeter.
Jason fumbles the Stack of Cash back
in his pocket.

ext. soccer field – DAY – RAIN


Long Shot. Jason tries to hand Jack

a Stack of Cash. Jack gets up and steps

away. Jack makes a Phone call and

looks around.


ext. soccer field – Day – RAIN

Close Up. Jack frowns.

ext. soccer field – Day – RAIN

The Camera runs along with the Soccer Team.


One more lap, one more.

Jack hands Jason something.

ext. soccer field – Day – RAIN

Jack hands Jason an Envelope plastic-wrapped
from some store.


That.s – here – this is 3.50 now, you understand what

I.m saying. Do I need to send you a fuckin invoice ?

Jason tears open the Envelope.s Packaging
and litters, hesitates, then reconsiders. Jack

coughs. Jason looks around slowly and

stuffs the Stack of Cash in the Envelope.


This is all I have – you don.t have to count it.
It.s all there.


Fucking un professional.

Jack sits back down.


How much do you know about these jewels of yours ?
Well – the one you used to have. The one you lost when
you – uh, neglected to invest fully in our security package.
I could have run you to the front of the list – if, you know
let.s forgo the history lesson –


No – I.d like to hear-


Christ.s jism in the lady magdalena.s little cunt – we got a narrow
window – your prime suspect is laid up in the motel over there – I
brought you this close, but – no – why don.t we cover civics and
geography as well . . . geology . . . oceanography –


What do I have to do ?

Jack your stones, buddy. Go in there
and reason with her; word from the dive –
she.s a bit of a nympho slut – might be coke
everywhere . . . she had one visitor . . .


How did you ?


You want a gun ?


a – what – no ?


A fucking gun. Bullets cost extra. Shovel, duct tape, extra.
Am I making my self clear ? Or you want to go in there

with a bucket of champagne, celebrate we found her ?



Fuck. Do what the fuck you like.


Just just just just – just, could ya just –
(clears throat) would you tell me just what
you found out. And how you know this


Know her ?


How you found her ?


And lower your tone when you speak to me, boy.


Look did I just pay you 600 dollars.



You may have a point.


Tell you what, begin at the beginning, right ?


Mister –


Call me Jack.

Jason and Jack shake hands.


I.m sorry I didn.t trust you, before.
At the bar – been jumpy.


Well, you bumped into me.


Rightly – well, yes. Rightly so.


So, look – do you want to know about the diamond
you lost ? You want me to tell you what I know about
the ones ya still got ? You wanna – do you want to show
me one and have my opinion as an amateur jeweler – or
do you bust into that room where your burglar friend
might be keeping your little diamond for you –


I told you they stole – she took everything.


Right, right.



Cuz I – uh, checked the register and she um well,

she seems to be scheduled for an early checkout


Just – quickly, tell me what you found.


Okay – look. There used to be a prison somewhere
– hard to pronounce name. got it.

Jason nods


your uh, your grandfather – grand great some relative
was in this jail – in this prison. from what i understand
he looked a lot like you – little older, these are ancient – not new documents –


Can I see ‘em?


I don.t think that.s in your best interest – listen, we don.t
have much time – the, uh, the warden died one night;
apparently he was in the diamond trade and someone
killed him and i don.t know. there was a riot, i had to
translate it from the transcripts, news articles – czech
journals, russian news, dutch, afrikaans – listen half of
it was memoirs in german – i dunno how to read all this
stuff, i.m a researcher -now, look –

Jack gestures to the distance. Bike Cop stands

by a Freeway, wearing all Spandex & surveying

the area through Binoculars.


He.s a cop. we got to move – you do.
This prison – some kind of riot – people
died. some one got free – that.s your, uh
granpappy or whoever. Got it ? Now, you
want a weapon – you going in ? Or should
I hit the horse races ? Go find your diamond,
and your, uh, other diamonds.


Where do I – where should I look ?


She.s in room 69. How clear do I have
to put it ?

Jack lights a Cigar.


Jason shoves the Full Color Photographs
back in the Manila Envelope. Karen happily

chats away. Jason hesitates & then calls Jack.

(v.o.) Jack

From what I can tell, there.s a lot of people on the look

out for your bounty. Might want to let me handle it for

you, take care of everything.


Listen, I need to talk to you. You better tell me where your
office is, because I want to meet with you. And your fucking
frog ran off on me – just when I was ready to make a deal –


First Class!


I don.t even know how to reach him —

I.ll deal with who the fuck I want-


ext Jack and Linda.s house – SUNNY SUNDAY MORNING


Jack walks down the Sidewalk, toward home;

carrying a few left over Missing Dog Signs &

his Stapler.




Well – if you want to lose them again,

it.s your party.


Jack hangs up and glances at his iPhone Spycam.


int. Jack.s Spycam

Linda paces in her underwear.


Well, come see me tonight – he.s never around… a surprise ?

int Linda and Jack.s house


Jack enters, hears the end of Linda.s conversation

& startles Linda.




-can say it again; I.m tingling with excit – Oh.






Well, I.d love to see you later.






Later, hon.


Linda slowly hangs up the Cordless. She (pauses),

then methodically begins a random Household Task.



Remember when you found me holding that . . . rather

large diamond.


And we hatched a little plan together.






That was the first time conspired to give money




Can I have a minute ?



Sure- yes, of course; how are you doing ? What

do you need ?


Beefcake ran away.

int. Karen.s Car

Karen still chatting. Jason trying to nap.


Then, should I come around tonight ?

Okay, bye.



Who were you talking to ?


Was that . . . that shrink?

ext. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – AROUND NOON

Karen.s Car pulls up to the One Eyed

Mercenary.s HQ. A Sign hangs from

a Shingle:


One Eyed Mercenary – Private Eye

Special Investigations – Hired Dick


The Premises is surrounded by

some kind of Thick Swampy Tar.


int. INNER DOOR TO Jack.s Lair

Jack leads Linda into his Lair.

int. Jack.s Lair

Jack shows Linda all the Diamond Research.

int. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – FRONT OFFICE

Jason and Karen sit in Straight Backed Chairs before

the Great Desk of the One Eyed Mercenary. The One

Eyed Mercenary sits astride the Great Desk, directly

over and in front of Karen. Jason holds Baby Sirius

and sits very still, studying the room. Karen.s Purse

sits in the center of the Great Desk.


Hired Dick ? I.d never heard of that. That.s very interesting.
Did you know that, honey ? Tell me some more about that,
mister —

The One Eyed Mercenary

One Eyed Mercenary.



Is that – anything for short – or . . . ?



The One Eyed Mercenary

I.m the One Eyed Mercenary.


Now, some people won.t deal with me any more
in town on account of they say I fucked em. And
it may be I fucked em a bit. But not too hard, not

too deep. And I always told em, like I.m about to

tell you – if I sees a chance, I.m gonna fuck ya’s –

so don.t gimme no reasons.


Ho – Okay, well certainly given us a lot
to think about . . .

The One Eyed Mercenary

I don.t think fully shown you the package I can offer.


Well, I.d like to see it-


What are we meeting about, now ?


I think what the man is trying to say . . .



Jason stands and places Baby Sirius on the Great

Desk. One Eyed Mercenary moves behind Karen

& places both hands on her shoulders.

The One Eyed Mercenary






One Eyed Mercenary










One Eyed Mercenary






-that.s fine; we-we-we get it. made-


One Eyed Mercenary got a deep purse – private & I.m guessing

real liquid assets; talking riches, for you –

more sacred than valuable –


Jason made your point; I don.t think we.ll be doing



One Eyed Mercenary massages Karen.s shoulders.


One Eyed Mercenary


. . . treasure. Am I wrong, sugar plum – hot

little number…




precious kitty; beyond priceless, wet pussy

you.d maim for… over hot hours of summer …

fevered snow – each night in a granite box

caked with vomit from dying soldiers begging

to bleed the last of their worries out on your

rapidly dulling shank.




One Eyed Mercenary


Years of trailing, not a little behind – far behind –




You wonder if it.s big enough. Not just long, thick enough-

ever put your balls on a scale ? And just weigh ‘em. You

measured your shaft- why not your balls ? Raw data.




One Eyed Mercenary


I got a scale – need a scale ? What you need ? Lil

blow, lil smoke ? Crystal ? Who you looking for ?

You saw the sign out front – I got a lot of signs . . .

pretty girl, but it.s like the man said to me, first

day in – you look like you could use a friend-




I don.t appreciate-

One Eyed Mercenary


– staring down a parade of false or fallen gods

on this cavalcade of hate, shit, swamp & thirst –

the knuckles of your brother tied up in a leather

bag around your throat; balls free, carrying your

waterskin despite the weight- am I making any

sense ?




-Because that lie-




-is what you got keeping you from choking on

the sand under your blistered scab . . .




…beach without ocean… You been there ? Know where

I.m at – ?




Jason shakes his head.


One Eyed Mercenary


-all cargo far too holy to profane will remain wholly

protected, within my vault.




Have you seen our safe ?


int. One Eyed Mercenary.s ANTECHAMBER

One Eyed Mercenary leads Karen deeper into

his Bunker.


One Eyed Mercenary


-Better than the bank – this chamber is more protected

than the Federal Reserve.

Karen steps in. One Eyed Mercenary follows her
inside and pulls the Door closed. The Lock (CLICKS)
into place.

int. One Eyed Mercenary.s Vault

The Vault is mostly empty with a Barrier, dividing

the space into a Larger and a Smaller Area.


One Eyed Mercenary


I wanna show you something.


One Eyed Mercenary leads Karen beyond the Barrier

to a Simple Toilet – a Large Hole dug into a Cavernous



What.s your real name ?

One Eyed Mercenary

Danger, love – for you. Trouble.

int. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – Front Office – Early Afternoon

Karen.s Phone (BEEPS). Jason opens Karen.s Purse
& lifts her Phone. Jason accepts Karen.s Incoming
Text Message.


Do U hav pssprt ? Let.s fly 2nt
I23 Van Buren Lane – UR my brite-est

gem. no tkt b4 I3mo 1 chekd.


Jason places the Phone back in Karen.s Purse

& discovers the Soft Bag. Jason opens the Soft

Bag, revealing the Diamonds inside. Jason fishes

Karen.s Keys from her Purse and glances at

the Doorway. Jason pulls Karen.s Phone back

out of Karen.s Purse & reads the Text Message





Jason carries Baby Sirius to Karen.s Car,

holding Karen.s Keys. Jason unlocks the Trunk

and pulls out the Diaper Bag. Jason changes Baby

Sirius’ Dirty Diaper in the Trunk and throws it in

the Plastic Bag. Then, Jason places the Long Lost

Large Diamond in the Plastic Bag. Jason pulls out

a Fresh Diaper and lays it out underneath Baby

Sirius. Jason lays the Soft Bag of Diamonds on top

of the Fresh Diaper. Jason wraps Baby Sirius in

the Fresh Diaper.




We got to get you some more food.


int. One Eyed Mercenary.s Vault


One Eyed Mercenary gestures to a Chair.


One Eyed Mercenary


Sit there.




Anything else you need ?






Do you work for that weird french guy ?




Are you going to hurt me ?


One Eyed Mercenary unlocks & opens the Vault





-is he rich ?


One Eyed Mercenary leaves, then shuts & locks

the Vault Door.


How rich is he- ?

ext. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – Mid Afternoon

Jason lifts the Diaper Bag & Baby Sirius out of

the Trunk, unlocks the Driver.s Side Door, throws

the Diaper Bag on the Passenger Seat, and gets in.

Jason awkwardly secures Baby Sirius in his Car

Seat from his position in the Driver.s Seat. Jason

starts Karen.s Car & pulls into gear. Karen.s Car

rolls to a stop.


int. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – Front Office

One Eyed Mercenary enters from the Antechamber
to find that Jason & Baby Sirius have left. One Eyed
Mercenary watches through a Window as Karen.s

Car pulls away up the Road. One Eyed Mercenary

grabs Karen.s Purse.


int. One Eyed Mercenary.s Antechamber


One Eyed Mercenary opens the Vault. Karen stares,





Tell me what you.ll do with me-



-don.t leave me in suspense . . .


One Eyed Mercenary flings Karen.s Purse

inside & locks the Vault.


int. Karen.s Car

Jason drives and chats with Baby Sirius.


We.ll get you some food son, don.t worry-

Jason opens the Diaper Bag.


You want some carrots – whoa –

Jason closes the Diaper Bag.

int. The Big Safe

Karen plays with her Phone.

ext. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ PARKING – Mid Afternoon

One Eyed Mercenary climbs in a Large

Truck, pulls out a cell Phone, dials, & drives

down the Road.


int. Linda & Jack.s House – Mid Afternoon

Linda prepares Dinner. (MUSIC
BLARES) Linda rocks out; singing,
dancing, playing with New Kitten.

ext. Seedy Motel – NIGHT RAIN – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago

Jason tears his Bloody Shirt off and throws it down.
Jack sends Jason off running. Jason slips, pulls

out a Walkie Talkie, throws it to the ground &

catches his breath. Jason takes off running again.




Jack pulls out Walkie Talkie, changes

channels, and checks in.


Roger. I made him park a half mile away. He won.t
even look back. Copy that.

(v.o.) Bike Cop

Alright. I.m gonna get the fuck up out of here.


Do you read me ? Hold your position & sit tight. doing okay but it ain.t time to celebrate.

int. Motel Room #69


Bike Cop, wearing one Black Glove, enters

to check on Linda, who is Dripping and nude

from her Bath. Bike Cop.s Belt holds a Knife,

a Walkie Talkie, and another Black Glove.


Bike Cop


Nice work.


They stand and look at one another for a moment

without speaking. A Well Dressed Man bursts in.

Bike Cop pulls out his Knife, clicks the Blade in place

& raises it in his Gloved hand, then puts on his other

Glove. Bike Cop wipes down the Handle and Blade

& holds up the Knife.


Bike Cop

She.s brand new.



ext. Seedy Motel – NIGHT – RAIN

Jack lifts the Walkie Talkie to his mouth

& crouches to gather the other Walkie

Talkie that Jason cast aside.



Jack runs toward the Motel Room.

int. Motel Room # 69


Bike Cop slowly moves between A Well Dressed Man

and the Door. Linda stands frozen. A Well Dressed Man

backs up to a Wall. Bike Cop takes a breath and advances

carefully toward A Well Dressed Man.


A Well Dressed Man

Hello. My name is Roger Smith and I.m selling magazine




We carry trade publications for all associated premiere

north american peer businesses and limited liability


Bike Cop nudges Linda toward the Bathroom.

Bike Cop

Stand back, darlin.

Jack throws open the Door and tackles A

Well Dressed Man to the floor. Jack throws

a foot onto A Well Dressed Man.s chest & begins

to speak, then looks up and holds up his hands

to ward off Bike Cop.


Bike Cop

Should I stick him-


Put the knife away. Hey.

Jack closes the Door.



He.s done here. Out of his league. This guy.s just a stooge.
He.ll run off and forget he ever saw us. And – tell our mutual

friend  I.m out, I.m out forever – and if he can.t understand

that; we.ll cut him up and go fishing. You got all that, Remy ?


Bike Cop puts away his Knife and takes

one Glove off. Jack kneels on A Well

Dressed Man.s neck.




either it.s over or this policeman watched the lady knife you in self

defense, with your own weapon. attempted murder cases against

pretty lil white ladies mostly go one way . . . aggravated assault,

sexual terrorism –


A Well Dressed Man


Okay (breath) Ow – alrigh- argh – Christ, you malignant fuck.

Let me up.


Jack stands. A well dressed man crawls to his knees.


A Well Dressed Man an asshole, Jackson.


A Well Dressed Man turns to leave.




And my Pappa was a rolling stone.


A Well Dressed Man opens the Door.


Bike Cop


Lemme –






A Well Dressed Man slams the Door.




Linda touches Bike Cop.




Who was that ?


Jack leaving – hey, princess. Put some fucking

clothes on.


ext. Country Side – Late AFTERNOON


Karen.s Car putters along on a Hilly Country Road

in the hours before dusk. A peaceful scene. Another

Vehicle accelerates into frame, races past Karen.s

Car, & speeds away.


int. One Eyed Mercenary.s Vault


Karen.s Phone dies. Karen gets pissed.


int Karen.s Car – Late Afternoon

Jason drives through an expanse of Country

Side. Baby Sirius (GURGLES) from his Car Seat.

Jason pulls over, stops the Car, & searches for

a Map. Jason steps out of Karen.s Car and

opens the Map.


ext. Country Side – Late Afternoon

Jason steps out of Karen.s Car and looks at a Map;

glances toward the Sun, then sticks his head back in

Karen.s Car and speaks to Baby Sirius. Jason stands

up again; reconsiders the Map, then climbs back in

Karen.s Car.


int. Karen.s Car – Afternoon

Jason checks all his Mirrors, glances at Baby Sirius,
& pulls a U-Turn.


Okay, son, always look both ways before you “flip a bitch”.

ext. seedy motel – NIGHT – RAIN – FLASHBACK – 9 months ago


Jason approaches the Seedy Motel, carrying

a Walke Talkie.


int. Motel Room #69


Jason enters the darkened room & touches everything,

searching for his Long Lost Large Diamond. He finds a

Light and switches it on. Jason sees the Diamond, hidden

in plain sight;




He pulls out the Soft Bag & gently places the Large

Diamond inside. Jason stops – hearing (WATER RUNNING)

from the Bathroom. The Bathroom Door is slightly open.

Jason enters the Bathroom.


int. Linda.s Bloodbath


Linda (QUIETLY MOANING) lays in the Bathtub nude

with her Throat Slit, Blood Everywhere. Jason (SCREAMS)

and drops the Soft Bag of Diamonds. Jason clutches

his Walkie Talkie and calls out.




Jack. Jack. Jack – are you there? Jack –


Jason exits the Bathroom.


int. Motel Room # 69

Jason hesitates, then runs back into the Bathroom.

int. Linda.s Bloodbath

Jason closes his eyes, reaches for the Soft Bag of

Diamonds and lifts it from the floor.


int. Motel Room # 69

Jason exits the Bathroom. Jason.s Shirt is Bloody.




Jack – she.s murdered.


(v.o.) Jack


Roger. The Cop is coming over here, better

move. Over.


ext. Seedy Motel – NIGHT RAIN


Jack stands by some Bushes. Jason rushes out

of Motel Room # 69 in a Bloody Shirt, carrying

the Soft Bag and Walkie Talkie. Jack ushers

Jason into the Bushes.




Did you get it ?




She was dead – I ran . . . they, oh lord. I.m gonna –




Slow down.




I left, I left – jesus, the prints … if –




Calm down.




Help, you gotta fuckin help me – please – I.ll –


Jason fumbles out the Soft Bag of Diamonds.




I.ll give you, I found em-


Jason pours some Little Diamonds into his hand

and offers them up.




That.s my finder.s fee.


Jason pours out some more Little Diamonds, almost

drops the Long Lost Large Diamond, then shoves it

back into the Soft Bag. Jason hands over more Little





Right. That.s very generous. I.ll stall him and –


Jack puts his Little Diamonds away. Jason stuffs his

Soft Bag into a pocket.




Hey, don.t worry – I.ll wipe everything down,

destroy the evidence… I can take care of this.




This ain.t my first date.


Jack leads Jason away down the Road. Jason runs.


ext Linda and Jack.s House – Early Evening

Jason drives up, gets out, grabs Baby Sirius and the

Diaper Bag & (KNOCKS) on the Door. Linda answers.

They gaze at each other for a long while.




Um, how.s your throat ?






Better. It.s a lot better.




Would you like to- ?


Jason enters.


int. Jason.s Home

Jack closes Jason.s front Door quietly and surveys

the empty house. Jack puts away his Burglary Gear

in his Bag, then stands, looking around & notices

the Muffins. Jack crosses the room and looks at the

Bucket, then examines the ceiling. Jack approaches

the Muffins and chooses one, then bites his Muffin &

chews it slowly.



ext. Jason.s Home. – Early Evening

the Frenchman stands in a Shrubbery, watching

Jack through a Window, eating a Crepe.


ext. Jack and Linda.s House – Early Evening

Slow Zoom through a Window. Jason & Linda stand
around awkwardly. Jason is still holding Baby Sirius.

int. Linda & Jack.s House


Linda and Jason stand awkwardly.




I was just making dinner.






What is it here about ?


Jason holds up Baby Sirius and makes a face.

Linda is flustered. Jason kisses Baby Sirius

on the forehead.



I guess I.m looking for answers, actually.






Would you like some dinner ?


int. Jack and Linda.s Dining Table


Linda serves Jason a Plate of Food; pours

him a strong Drink in a Glass with Ice and

pours a Glass of Wine for herself, then sets

herself a Plate of Food and sits. Jason

begins to eat his Food.




You know, it.s been so long since I shared a meal with



They take in the moment.




You want to hear about my first con ?




I guess you already know about it.




Nine months pass by fast, don.t they ?




Maybe not for you-




Who are you ?


Linda glances at a Photograph of Jack

on the Mantle.




I.m not mostly sure.

Jason sets his Fork down.


Don.t you know who I am ?

Linda begins eating. Jason drinks and
looks over at Baby Sirius on the floor.

Jason – my wife.s lover . . .

Linda stops eating.


My ex-


I.m not-




I.m not her lover.




meh – technically I.m not her therapist.

Jason a con artist. Right ? A… bilker . . . a fleecer –
– a . . . a . . . flim flammer — a fraud.


A grifter… hustler ?


Jason Jack.s wife?

Linda empties her Glass of Wine &
pours another.



– I.m not good with words.



Is – is Karen okay ?

Jason stops.


She.s – yeah… I don.t know.


I don.t know what Karen.s up to.



I.m not her lover –


You said-




-that al-


I am- I guess I am Jack.s wife.


We never got divorced.


Linda sighs.


He was my – we were young.


And… it didn.t work out . . . we separated…


Linda inhales.


When he called me again, I had just quit school

and he helped me- whew- alright.

Linda sips her Wine.


He . . . he wanted to help me set up my business –
Jack – Jack, said he was ready to try again. . .





-and we were still – already married.


Linda resumes eating & swallows.




He.s – hm – a handsome man, Jack.




A very well-


Jason stands.




Let.s stay on subject-


-where.s Jack ?


Linda turns.


I don.t ever know where he is. He could be locked

up in his little hole right now, studying your whole



He goes through all my private files.

Baby Sirius makes a (HAPPY SOUND).



int. The Big Safe

Karen sits, holding her dead Phone
& clutching her Purse.

(v.o) the Frenchman

Poor sweet Karen.

Karen approaches the Cesspool.

int. Karen.s Hallway

Jack breaks into Karen.s Apartment, enters

& closes the Door.


int. the Big Safe

Karen calms herself, stuffs her Phone and all her

accessories into her Purse, and takes a breath. Karen

removes her Outer Garments and zips everything into

her Purse. She stands in her underwear, grips her Purse

tightly, holds her breath, closes her eyes and plunges

into the Cesspool.


int. Karen.s Apartment.

Jack checks his iPhone Spycam.

int. Jack & Linda.s House – SPYCAM

Baby Sirius, Jason, & Linda sit on the floor.

Jason feeds Baby Sirius from Linda.s Plate.

Linda and Jason pass the Wine Bottle, sipping.



-and spends his days all cramped up in that cubby hideout

like a ten year old.

Jason stops feeding Baby Sirius.


How you doing, buddy ?


It.s pathetic.


Can I see it?


Uh, no — that.s the point.

Linda stands and gestures. Jason lifts Baby

Sirius and all three proceed to the Locked

Inner Door of Jack.s Lair.


int. Locked Inner Door of Jack.s Lair

Jason holds Baby Sirius. Linda touches the Door.




He has his own entrance – it.s weird.




He lives in there . . . I keep busy.










I.m Linda.






I didn.t get killed- and I didn.t take your diamond.




But I don.t think you know what messing with.



He has maps, charts, blueprints; sheafs of papers –
all the histories of your fucking diamond, your –
your daddy and grandaddy … your lineage.



I never knew anything about it.


Can I steal some space and change my son?

ext. One Eyed Mercenary.s HQ – Early Evening

Karen emerges from the bog-like Cesspool and collapses

on a Grassy Knoll. Karen retches, spits, wipes her hands

on the Grass, wipes her face & hair, wipes her hands off

again; unzips her Purse, pulls out an Outer Garment and

proceeds to wipes her entire body down. Karen shudders,

undresses, and abandons her Pile of Filthy Clothing in favor

of her only clean Outer Garment.


int. Linda and Jack.s Bedroom.

Linda stands in the Doorway as Jason changes

Baby Sirius’ Poopy Diaper on a Large Towel on

the Bed.








So what are you going to do ?



You don.t have to believe anything I say –
I.m not even sure what.s true anymore.
That sounds stupid, doesn.t it ?


-could you leave me, alone ?


I.m sorry-

Linda in my house-







I made you dinner . . . I (breath) I … told you the truth.



I was really starting to feel good today.

Linda leaves the Bedroom. Jason follows. A
freshly changed Baby Sirius lolls about on

Linda & Jack.s Bed, waving his arms and legs.


int. Doorway of Linda & Jack.s Bedroom.





I did everything, but –




Jason grabs Linda.


I.m sorry.

Jason releases Linda.


I.m sorry – for that also.



That.s all anybody wants anymore, is a blow job.



-or a hug.



I can.t fuck you in the room with

my son.

Linda throws her hands in the air

& walks into the Bathroom.


Jason returns to Linda & Jack.s room.

ext. Down The Road from HQ – EVENING

Karen walks down the Road, trying to flag down Cars.
No Cars will stop. Karen sighs and sits down. A Well

Dressed Man pulls up in a Porta-Pottie Truck & offers

Karen a ride. Karen climbs in the cab; they drive off at

an insane pace, A Well Dressed Man.s hand resting on

Karen.s thigh.


int. Jack & Linda.s Bedroom

Jason opens the Poopy Diaper-full of Little Diamonds

and glances toward the Door. Jason gently pushes the

Poopy Diaper-full of Little Diamonds into the Plastic Bag.


int. Bedroom Doorway

Linda stands in the Doorway once again, watching Jason
handle the Plastic Bag.


Lemme help you – you probably want to wash

your hands.


I don.t know how you can stand it… I bet it gets



No – I.m alright . . . it.s not so bad.

Jason tries to leave the Bedroom carrying
the Plastic Bag.


Don.t be silly-


I – like to do it – a certain way…

Jason and Linda carry the Plastic Bag together
to the Trash Bin.


You don.t know where it is –


Just – let me –






-then show me how-


-it.s just-


-I wanna be a mother someday-

Jason gonna rip it . . .

They drop the Plastic Bag in the Trash Bin.



Y.know, maybe I will wash my hands.

int. Jack and Linda.s Bedroom

Linda watches Baby Sirius wiggle on her Bed, then
notices the Large Towel, gathers it up, and tosses it

in a corner. Jason enters the room.




Come here.




Can I tell you a secret ?




I love the phrase, freshly fucked.


Jason moves toward Linda.




I didn.t ever think I.d meet you.


Linda & Jason embrace.




Not here-


Linda leads Jason out of the Bedroom and

pulls him down on the floor.




How do you like it-


int. Jack & Linda.s Kitchen Door

the Frenchman approaches and checks the Kitchen

Door. The Kitchen Door is unlocked. the Frenchman

enters. Jason & Linda (MOAN) from down the Hall. the

Frenchman removes the Garbage Bag from the Trash

Bin & carries it outside.


ext. Jack & Linda.s Back Yard – Evening

On one side, a Neighbor Mows his Lawn. In the Adjacent
Yard – a Family Picnic and Barbecue. All the Neighbors
stare as the Frenchman sneaks outside with the Garbage



the Frenchman shrugs.

the Frenchman

Garbage day, non ? Eh – mais, oui.

the Frenchman throws out the Garbage Bag in a Big Bin
& drags the Big Bin around to the front of Jack & Linda.s

ext. Jack & Linda.s Front Walk – Evening


All the Neighbors are pulling out their Big Bins.


The Neighbors examine the Frenchman & he examines

them even more closely. the Frenchman returns to Jack

& Linda.s Back Yard & addresses the Neighbors.

the Frenchman

Ah, yes – bon nuit.

the Frenchman re-enters Jack & Linda.s House through

their Kitchen Door.


int. Jack.s Spycam

the Frenchman finds a new Garbage Bag for the Trash Bin, puts

it in, and begins filling the Trash Bin with Random Objects. Eventually,

the Frenchman (pauses) to pull his Pants down and Shit in the Trash

Bin. the Frenchman finds Something Soft to wipe himself on & throws

it in the Trash Bin. the Frenchman continues throwing out Jack &

Linda.s things until the Trash Bin is pretty full.


int. Jack and Linda.s Bedroom Doorway

Linda and Jason roll around on the floor. Jason begins
to tickle Linda and she tries to fight him off. Linda shoves
Jason down and sits astride him. She rolls over and lays
back on the floor. The Bathroom Door is Closed.


I thought it – oh boy – you . . . when you drove up, I-


You thought-


-thought you were – were her, like it was Karen
coming to rescue-




-no I know what you mean.



I shoulda gone to college.


Just for the chicks, man – you, a college girl,

man – right ?

Enter Jack, from the Bathroom. Linda and Jason clutch

one another on the floor. Jack watches, drying his hands

on a Hand Towel. Jack throws down the Hand Towel and

reaches out a hand. Jack pulls Jason up from the floor,

then turns to Linda.







Get up – we have company; pick that up.


Jack turns back to Jason.




You want anything ?


Jack gestures to Linda. Linda gets up from the floor

and looks at Jason, silently.




Go on.


Linda walks away. Jack throws an arm around Jason.




How.s the retirement going ?




You fuck – you absolute, ugly fuck.




I kid. the champ-



-but I could kill you… sometimes, this guy. . . this fuckin

guy… Everybody loves you – you know, I talked to a judge

today and I.m not sposed to repeat this, but . . .




Honey – where we at with that – hold on, I.ll be right…


Jack exits after Linda.




Jason (pauses) and runs to the Kitchen. Jack &

Linda are pulling the Garbage Bag from the Trash






Oh, it.s trash day.




Wouldn.t you fucking know it.










That.s right, Linda – Jake you might want to, Jason –

I.m sorry, Jason … Linda, have you met Jason ?




Does anyone know the time ? Linda, can you handle this ?




Because I just remembered – J, gonna love this; take

that out, Linda – Jesus…


Linda carries out the Garbage Bag.




-with this chick – I.m serious, give her five minutes and

she.s sucking down a linebacker like he came in an oreo

milkshake… you got to be careful with those heady types – a hunting guy, right.


Jack steers Jason into his Bedroom.




But, I tell you – did you get to … uh, c’mere –

you feeling ?




You don.t look so well… I know it might seem rude, as

though I suggested you were sleeping with my wife, but –

listen… do you mind if I smoke ?


Jack lights a Cigar.




Want one ?






There comes a time in every woman.s mouth, know

what I mean ?




Lemme know if I should call her in . . . Honey !






I.ll check on her.


Jack exits. Jason looks up to see a Shit Smear on the Wall of Jack and

Linda.s Bedroom. Jason looks out the Window. Jack & Linda stand on

the Front Walk. Linda holds a Garbage Bag and Jack smokes his Cigar,

pointing at their Big Bin. Jack gathers up Baby Sirius & his Belongings.


ext. Jack & Linda.s front walk – Evening

Linda puts down her Garbage Bag. Jack considers the Garbage Bag

in the Big Bin. Jason approaches, carrying Baby Sirius & his Diaper

Bag. Jack notices a Poster regarding Municipal Waste and freezes.

Linda has Shit Smeared on her hand.


Early trash pickup.


I.d better go tell the neighbors.

Jack takes off running down the Street. Linda waves
and sniffs her hand. A Well Dressed Man pulls up in
the Porta Pottie Truck and parks in a Neighbor.s Drive

Way. Karen jumps down from the cab and blows A

Well Dressed Man a Kiss. Karen runs over to Linda.

the Frenchman speaks with A Well Dressed Man.




You want to take a shower ?


Linda and Karen walk into Jack & Linda.s House. They

enter the Bathroom and run the Shower without closing

the Bathroom Door. There is another Cat Clock in the Bath

Room. Jason drags both Garbage Bags to Karen.s Car, un

locks the Car, throws a Garbage Bag in the Passenger.s Seat

and one in the Back Seat. Jason straps Baby Sirius in &

stows the Diaper Bag. Jason climbs in Karen.s Car, turns

Karen.s Key in the ignition, & drives off.


ext. Broken Down Dump Truck – EVENING

Jack turns a Corner, slows to a fast walk, & sees
The One Eyed Mercenary sitting on a Comfy Chair
in the bed of his Large Truck.


I knew you.d be around here, somewhere.

One Eyed Mercenary

Time was – a man was so scared of me,
he stayed down before I hit him.


Still like to sniff your own asshole ?



For what it.s worth –

One Eyed Mercenary

Save it – ain.t worth none.

Jason drives past in Karen.s Car. One Eyed Mercenary

and Jack watch him go. One Eyed Mercenary tosses Jack

a thick Flask.


One eyed mercenary tosses an Unspent Rifle Shell

on the Street. Jack drinks and tosses the Flask back.


One Eyed Mercenary

comes a time –


Can I borrow your truck ?

One Eyed Mercenary shrugs, drinks, and puts

away his Flask. Jack gestures to the Dump Truck.


Happened to the driver ?

One Eyed Mercenary

He fell down.

one eyed mercenary tosses Jack the Truck.s Keys

and climbs down from the truck bed. jack palms

a Small Diamond into One Eyed Mercenary.s hand.


Long time.


Jack speeds along the Fast Lane in the One Eyed

Mercenary.s Large Truck. Jack pulls out his iPhone

and watches through another Spycam.


int. Jack and Linda.s Bathroom Spycam.

Linda washes her hands in the Sink while Karen



Hold on

Exit Linda.

Karen butchers the lyrics and melody of a

popular tune.

enter linda.

Linda holds up a Shit-Smeared Little Diamond

in the Light. Linda steps into the Shower with

her clothes on and holds up the Shit-Smeared

Diamond. Karen washes the Little Diamond off.


Can I borrow some things ?


Mh hm.


You ready to leave ?

The Cordless Phone (RINGS)

ext. freeway exit- evening

Jack veers onto a Freeway Exit, leading to another

section of Freeway, while speaking into his iPhone.


int. Jack and Linda.s House

Linda talks on the Cordless Phone, wearing a Bath

Towel. Karen gets dressed in Linda.s clothes.


-that looks nice . . . I.m not sure I even want to talk to you.


Tell him-


-And frankly


He can.t treat you like that-


You haven.t treated me well for a long time.


Wait, what — how did he die . . . Jack ?


Hello … fuck it.

Karen takes the Cordless and hangs it up. Linda

throws on some Clothes without thinking and they

grab A Couple Suitcases and head for the Door. New

Kitten (MEOWS) from Karen.s Purse.


Should we stop by your apartment ?


Oh, fuck – I always hated that dog.

int. Karen.s Car

Jason drives Karen.s Car with Baby Sirius in his Car
Seat. A Bag of Trash rides Shotgun & Another Bag of

Trash sits beside Baby Sirius’ Car Seat.


ext. City Roads – EVENING

Karen.s Car progresses along City Roads. A Foreign
Car pulls up behind and follows, leaving one car-length

between them.


ext. Gas Station – EVENING

Karen.s Car pulls into a Gas Station. Jason gets out
and Pumps Gas. The Foreign Car pulls into the Gas
Station. the Frenchman climbs out and Pumps Gas.

ext. Long Stretch of Highway – LATE EVENING

Karen.s Car proceeds slowly down the Highway,

followed one car-length behind by a Foreign Car.

ext. Highway Rest Stop – Night

Jason & the Frenchman sit in the Parking Lot

with one Parking Space between them. Jason

gets out of Karen.s Car. the Frenchman climbs

out of his Foreign Car. They regard each other.

the Frenchman

Voulez-vous entendre une histoire, monsieur Jason?


Yes. I would.

the Frenchman

It is a . . . family story.

int. The Old Fort Prison – Solitary Confinement Cell – Johannesburg – 1930s

The Prisoner Roman sits silent in his tiny stone cell.

(v.o) the Frenchman

il y a un homme

int. The Old Fort Prison – Warden Bergmann.s Quarters

Werner Bergmann chuckles into his Safe,
lording over an array of jewelry, Neat Stacks

of Money, and clusters of glittering Gemstones.

(v.o) the Frenchman

qui en colère un homme beaucoup plus puissant

Roughneck Guard stands in a Doorway.


(v.o.) the Frenchman


un homme sans la bonté ou la beauté

Roughneck Guard pulls Esmerelda into

Warden Bergmann.s Quarters. Esmerelda

carries Baby Roma in a Wicker Basket.


(v.o.) the Frenchman


il détruirait tout pour satisfaire ses propres plaisirs –

une monstruosité sans âme


Roughneck Guard leaves Warden Bergmann.s

Quarters and walks down a Staircase.

Warden Bergmann closes and locks the Door.
Esmerelda begs Warden Bergmann.

int. The Old Fort Prison Halls

Roughneck Guard walks to Solitary Confinement Cell.

int. the Old Fort Prison – Solitary Confinement Cell

The Prisoner Roman watches Roughneck

Guard closely.


int. Warden.s Quarters

Esmerelda holds up Baby Roma.

int. Solitary Confinement Cell

Roughneck Guard unlocks The Prisoner Roman.s

Shackles from the Wall.


int. Warden.s Quarter.s

Warden Bergmann smiles.

int. Prison Halls

Roughneck Guard walks the Prisoner Roman

through Prison Halls and to a Staircase.


int. Warden.s Quarters

Esmerelda sits.

int. Prison Halls

Roughneck Guard locks the Prisoner Roman

to the Staircase.


int. Warden.s Quarters

Warden Bergmann strokes Esmerelda.s cheek. Esmerelda

pushes Warden Bergmann away. Warden Bergmann threatens.

Esmerelda offers Warden Bergmann the Long Lost Large Diamond.

Warden Bergmann embraces Esmerelda.




Esmerelda kills Warden Bergmann with the Long Lost

Large Diamond. Warden Bergmann falls. Esmerelda

drops the Long Lost Large Diamond.


int. Prison Halls

Roughneck Guard & Weak Guard hear the (SCREAM & THUD)

& rush past the Prisoner Roman to Warden Bergmann.s Quarters.


int. Warden.s Quarters

Esmerelda notices Warden Bergmann.s Safe, approaches,

& removes the Sparkling Diamonds. Esmerelda lifts the Long

Lost Large Diamond from the floor.


int. Bottom of Prison Staircase


the Prisoner Roman struggles to free himself.


int. Prison Stairs

Roughneck Guard and Weak Guard rush up Stairs.

int. Warden.s Quarters


Esmerelda removes a Cloth from Baby Roma, wipes Blood

from the Long Lost Large Diamond, places the Cloth inside

Warden Bergmann.s Safe; then closes & locks Warden

Bergmann.s Safe.


int. Outside Warden.s Door


Roughneck Guard & weak Guard bombard Warden

Bergmann.s locked Door


int. Warden.s Quarters


Esmerelda hides the Diamonds within the Cushion & Fabric

of Baby Roma.s Basket.


int. Warden.s Door


Roughneck Guard breaks down Warden Bergmann.s

Door & seizes Esmerelda


int. Wardens Quarters


Esmerelda holds onto Baby Roma.


int. bottom of prison stairs


the Prisoner Roman shouts.


int. warden.s quarters


Roughneck Guard takes Baby Roma and hands him

to Weak Guard.


int. top of stairs


Roughneck Guard drags Esmerelda down the Staircase.

Weak Guard follows, holding Baby Roma. Esmerelda reaches

for Baby Roma. Roughneck Guard pulls Esmerelda.


int. bottom of stairs


the Prisoner Roman watches Esmerelda fall down

the Staircase and break her neck.


int. bottom of stairs


Roughneck Guard pushes Weak Guard. Weak

Guard carries Baby Roma through Prison Halls

Esmerelda dies on the floor. the Prisoner Roman

breaks free and kills Roughneck Guard. Weak Guard

throws all his Keys in the Basket and holds out the Basket.

Weak Guard and the Prisoner Roman stare at each other.


int. prison halls


Weak Guard and the unshackled prisoner roman run

through the Prison Halls.


ext. prison gates – Night


Weak Guard and the Prisoner Roman stand

at the Prison Gates. prisoner Roman lifts Baby

Roma from the Basket and runs into the Night.

Weak Guard sees the Diamonds in the Basket &

turns to face the Old Fort Prison, crosses himself,

and strikes his own path into the Night.


ext. Highway Rest Stop – NIGHT

the Frenchman smokes a Cigarette, leaning against

Karen.s Car. Baby Sirius (COUGHS). the Frenchman

offers his Cigarette to Jason, who accepts. Baby Sirius

(COUGHS) again & Jason notices.




Oh, sorry.


Jason tamps out the Cigarette, throws it down, and

turns to the Frenchman.




Uh, Pierre-


the Frenchman


My name is Jean-Michel Dominique Francois Gerard-Baptiste Louis Andre

Javier-Antonio Maximilian Xander-Roman. Aussi, Cette Homme Francais;

ou – the Frenchman. Roma – pour un petite moment. La nom de ma famille.









Did ya still want those diamonds; I got em in one of those

garbage bags in the car.




The garbage is free – you can keep that; I don.t need it.


the Frenchman


Nous sont les freres.




the Frenchman


I will give you, for it – $12,000.




Jason looks at the Garbage Bags.




You mind watching my kid – I gotta take a leak …


Jason walks off to the Toilets. the Frenchman observes,

then leans in & taps Baby Sirius on the nose.


the Frenchman


Nous ne sont pas assi different, vous et moi…


int. Karen.s Car


Jason drives in silence, without the Garbage Bags.

Baby Sirius burbles in his Car Seat.


ext. Mom Mom.s Driveway – NIGHT


A Small Cottage in the Country. Jason

drives up in Karen.s Car and slows

to a stop.


ext. Mom Mom.s Cottage – NIGHT

Jason brings Baby Sirius up to the Porch.

int. Mom Mom.s Cottage

Mom Mom greets Jason and Baby Sirius

at the Door. They enter and move into the

Cottage. Jason breathes a sigh of relief and

hugs Mom Mom again. Mom Mom holds

& kisses Jason. Jason goes around the room,

touching Familiar Objects From his Past.

Mom Mom

Oh my grand darling. Now wouldn.t you just love
a warm cup of tea – Mom Mom keeps coffee too,
I know you city folk.

Mom Mom leads Jason into her Kitchen.

int. Mom Mom.s Kitchen

Jack sits at the Kitchen Table, sipping Tea
and enjoying a Large Cookie.

Mom Mom

I.m quite the cosmopolitan today.

Jack regards Jason with a vaguely amused
stare, then stands and (LAUGHS)


Old boy. Dashing as ever.



And Kathleen … how can I – possibly – repay you ?


What do you think, J – what.d be a suited payment ?


How much gratitude is worth reward ?

Jason freezes and looks from Jack

to his Mom Mom.


You know my kitten died a couple days ago.


How old is a kitten – she was an infant nine

months ago –


Hey –


-like your beautiful baby boy. . . not quite a toddler now.



It can be so difficult to draw lines.


Mom Mom, would you go put Sirius
down for a nap ?


The boy loves his long lullabies – sometimes we.ll

sing together for hours on end. I know he sorely

needs some time with his Mom Mom.


Mom Mom


Oh sweet darling, it.s so good to see you — since

your Grandpa went–




-Love you Ma.


Mom Mom


-my dovey baby unicorn — it.s just so good to

see you, little one . . .


Jason hands Baby Sirius to Mom Mom,

who carefully and arthritically carries

Baby Sirius to her guest Bed room.


int. Mom Mom.s Guest Bed

Mom Mom lays Baby Sirius on an Old Quilt,
patterned with numerous quizzical figures,
including A Laughing Tomato Face and A

Pillow Face in a Yellow Bow Tie. Mom Mom

begins to (SING).


int. Mom Mom.s Kitchen

Jason regards Jack.


Why don.t we take a walk.

ext. Mom Mom.s Woods – NIGHT

Jack and Jason walk in the Woods. Jack
pulls out a Hunting Knife & notches Trees,
blazing a trail as they hike. Jason finds
something by a Creek.


Psilocybin mushrooms around here – sometimes
hikers plant marijuana… look, an arrowhead.



I even once saw a tree frog, I swear was psychedelic.


Couldn.t catch it-


You wanna tell me something ?


What do I know, you don.t know ? He took everything.


He took a shit on us.


You been fucking me – I didn.t fuck your girl.


Maybe I did.


Nothing.s clear – you know, I was born in these woods ?

Jack stabs his Knife into a Tree.


Don.t – threaten my kid-


-I got nothing better to die for.

ext. Mom Mom.s Porch – Night

Jack walks away up the Road. Jack stops and

turns to wave.


I.ll be seeing you all.

Jack kneels by a Rock and lifts out a pair

of Binoculars.


Be seeing ya.

Jack disappears into the Woods.

int. Mom Mom.s Kitchen

Jason picks at some Fungus on the kitchen Table.

Mom Mom

You know, your Grandpa and I-


Mom Mom

I love you, boy. all the son I need.


I.m sure your mother would have loved you,

if she could have found you.

Jason gets up, goes to the Fridge, and pulls

out a Beer.

Mom Mom

And your father never learned to try too hard-

Jason closes the Fridge, then reopens it &

puts the Beer back.


No one reads the future – shit, nobody reads books-


-fuckin … love you, mom mom.

Jason goes to the Door.


I.m gonna…

Mom Mom

Child, wait til I.m done talking with ya.

Mom Mom touches Jason.s arm

Mom Mom

Hold on just a moment.

Mom Mom disappears into the Cottage.

Jason exits.

ext. Mom Mom.s Front Porch – NIGHT

Jason looks up at the Stars.




I fucking love crickets.


Woulda been nice to fuck Linda, though.

Jason sighs.

Mom Mom opens the front Door.

Mom Mom




int. Mom Mom.s Parlor

Mom Mom sits with Jason, holding an Old

Wooden Chest.

Mom Mom heard of a hope chest – well, I hope you like this…

Jason, what with the pension your Grandpa left me, even

after he left me . . .well & he – it.s embarrassing . . .

a good boy.


Mom Mom

I can hardly see how I need these…

Mom Mom opens the Chest to reveal several

Medium Sized Diamonds and a thick stack of

Old Letters & Correspondances, Stamped &

Addressed to and from dozens of exotic locales.

Mom Mom

I thought, maybe …



Did Grandpa have a gun ?

int. Mom Mom.s Guest Bed

Baby Sirius sleeps, gurgles, and rolls over.

We see Baby Sirius has a Tiny Diamond

in one Ear.

ext. the Woods – LATE NIGHT

Late into the night. (ANIMAL SOUNDS & CRICKETS)
A Shadowy Figure traces a Path through the Woods.
Trees are marked with Freshly Cut Notches.

int. Mom Mom.s Guest Bed

Baby Sirius sleeps with a Tiny Diamond

in one Ear. After a moment, Jack climbs in

through a Window, creeps over & steals

the Tiny Diamond, then climbs back out

the Window.


ext. Mom Mom.s Front Porch – MIDNIGHT

Jason sits in a Rocking Chair, beside the Old Wooden

Chest, reading Letters and Correspondances between

his Grandpa & the Prisoner Roman by Porchlight.

A Shadowy Figure moves off in the distance.



Roll Credits.


ext. Jack and Linda.s Yard – 4 DAYS AGO – DAYTIME

Little Baby Razor gets clipped by a Neighbor.s




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