pollen catches on

a breeze and carries it self

cross the plain to seed

with rows of grain as smoke

extends up into night\whose

dark provides no shelter from

the windsome distant voice

who carried flame. still echoes

off stonewall. later we rest

up on a log along the coast.

j. wolves tore their city & they hunted down the wolves until there were none.

i.m told of distant lives across the stars

but here the men speak most of death

and dying. we came up on a village thick

with corpses by the scent. i bid my kin

take leave and built a camp out in the

woods. a multitude began to gather. void

ing my self: i crept back to the flame. we

slept each night. the bears re turned. i

dreamt of creatures in the wood. savage

beasts who killed / now held by cage.

the one had slain a girl.



fat red bodied fish

sang at the stream. i plucked and

knifed them throat to gut.


tho they slept: thru night i stood watch

think ing i had heard some shadow. still

when they a woke un seen i saw them

speak their hunger. waited / weighted.

they slept again. til then i tried to set them

free. each spoke in turn and once more

was re leased.


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