behold the one who

pulled a creature out from stone.

we sing in wonder.

the featherless dog or feather

less old man passing along a

great river: floated upon timber

while a pygmie tribe carried an

altar ? slid on rough hewn granite

traveling a burden greater than

the weight of any man in girth

and size. we studied on their

journey how they lashed the rock

to forest branches / dragged it all

along. we heard of places where

the many families dwelt together

and once high up on a hillside we

encountered several others knelt

onto the ground: arms raised into

the heavens / seemed to never hear

us pass. we dreamt of carnage.

distant people starving by the

hundreds with a plenty shared

among the few. on waking: outcry.

near by stirred a great new beast.

we gathered up our young / seeking

new pastures on the mountain side.

a headress woven tight with ore and

minerals begat those heights of

passion reminiscent of a birthing.

there we did not linger on. each day

our son grows stronger with the care

ful eye his mother knows well. loving

as i could not love myself our clan

swells with the rising tide.

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