we spoke with jungle

birds among the canopy

joining them in song

if ever a tree falls we know her loss.

in honor of sacrifice: built for the re

birth while sharing tales of past

walks recalled. our memory is life.

the butterfly beyond cocoon. we kno

where we have been and send our

message for word thru the drum.

some men would seize a tool and

then refuse to aid / i count my

brother.s blessing as my own

and when if ever causing injury

will try to bind the wound. for we

are anybody we have met / tho

some refuse to see ? you drank

the water falling from a stone

and taught me where to place

my lips upon the source of spring

to heal and what to leave behind

or when to bury what may serve

us best another day. while here i

bind my hand to find her wounded

paw and hear a string plucked draw

ing us together for this instrument

our world. she pollen ates my

thoughts and like the bee accepts

one hand within her honey comb.

my queen provides. so anyone near

threatening our hive will learn

the sting and venom of disrupted

harmony. i will not live outside her

mind and wouldn.t hesitate if to re

mind her why i stay close by.

greed becomes the snake

devoured by and lost with

in it self consumed

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