the time traveler forgets his past as he enters a new future [0-c]

the first words were hardest. i want

ed to whole you so you would half m

y self. give us more to go by. no one

ever told me we wouldn.t remember

? where we came from . . . wouldn.t

care when we were go ing. back

then everyplace was home. finding

language to describe how she split

momentary order from this chaos:

imagination or magic bringing our

world into perspective like sun set

over cliffside. i recall falling infinite

ly toward name less seawater. eyes

to a night so bright we never

bothered questioning god while

them angels were singing. why

would any body want to be original

but to live for ever. i spend time

with my child most often in thanks

that she made me again after all

these years. we didn.t start

counting the seconds until war



we laid up hanging

out among red wood branches

at the hour of dawn


sleeping. we dreamed of each

other and upon waking i would

pull you into me once more.

meals of legumes walnuts and

berries. days we passed by the

ocean. knowing no greater joy

than feeding her as we grew

to gether. all told we played

this way forever. where shall

we live today. with out

possession we lost nothing.

tho i give my self a way.

at most those stars were list

ening so we told stories of

the past. before it all be came

so far away.


walking, i spied a

stick, she found her rock. and so

we kept rolling on.


as our sun warmed us

lighthawk taught us there could be

no land before time.


see the moon was always

coming to visit and we held

out all that we had to offer.

she would guide us as our

doula through your birthing

then we feasted on the caul

when it was over. toasting

our new beginning. i couldn.t

find a book on how to love

my daughter well. some

fathers had been swallowed

by the beast they never

thought to tame. we raised

their children also. and they

kept their mother.s name. we

were all of us family. standing

out of the rain to witness light

ning for the first time. there

was no word for heaven. so

we laughed.


i dreamt we were two

suns following each other

thru unending night

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