i watched a man stare

far into the sun. until he

never saw again.

when we first sighted snow

his voice was clear and

crystalline. we almost thought

to end our journey there within

the mouth of god. i taught my

son which fruits to trust and

then to navigate the land

among these creatures great

and small. he babbled on

with all along a brook. and

where he fell his sister helped

him stand on mountain caves

and quiet boulders. we sought

shelter from the elements

with/in her signature up on

a wall. no other evidence. we

fast across the desert tho

we feasted at a banquet in

the swamp. our daughter found

awe. while admiring some

pelicans gathered reverantly on

the altar of a fallen wood

we spoke softly upon the one

who taught us why and how

to burn.

once a boy swam by

that shore against his tide and

dropped among the stones.

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